About us

LILA Milano the Milanese unit of Lega Italiana per la Lotta contro l’AIDS (Italian League for Fighting AIDS) – is a non profit organization. It was established as a Voluntary Association in May 1989, with its statutes and organizational structure. It is part of the National Federation LILA, which counts 14 units in Italy.

In February 2010, its members voted for the transformation of the organization into a participatory Foundation for Scientific Research, in order to ensure it a greater stability and foster psychosocial research studies. In October 2010, Fondazione LILA Milano was registered at the Prefecture Register of Milan, with number 1150, vol page 5368 5th.

Our volunteers, social workers and professionals are a team of HIV positive and negative individuals who join efforts for developing actions aimed at preventing the transmission of HIV and supporting PLHIV. We are committed to defend the right to health, to affirm principles and relations of solidarity against all forms of exclusion and violation of rights of people living with HIV or AIDS.

Over the years, LILA Milano has developed numerous projects in the city and other provinces of the region, some of which were developed in collaboration with local authorities (Region, Province and Municipality), with public authorities (Public Health Departments, public services for people who inject drugs, etc.), with national and international institutions (Ministry of Health, the European Commission, etc.), and with leading institutions for scientific and psychosocial research (many universities, the National Institute of Health, the National Institute of Infectious Diseases, European, Psychology Institute etc.).

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